Monday, January 21, 2013

Time. Which in any moment can alter everything in your life?

At the beginning of the year I write the things I want to do and trying to reach every single goal and plan I wrote at the same time placing big checks in entirety done.

Now it’s January once again, starting to turn a new page in my life. Inscription of new things I want for the progress of myself.

I often told to myself “Ako ang pipili, Ako ang gagawa” those are the affinity that helps me to realize that in our human life we need be observant and not to capitulate to the flow of time. You, Me, and who’s with you? Them?  Who have no time to care because they also must focus to something and do not need someone like you. Most of us are in the offing to go ahead of time, few are just letting the time pass by without doing anything, and some are just waiting for conclusion.

We do not need to ask, we do not also need to explain. Each of us has its own imagination to escape the habitation that does not agreed with us.

My plan to achieve first for my birthday (Today01222013) is to have at least an hour for myself. Like the feeling of being identified, I know it somehow can help me to feel my significance here on earth. I often chase my life I even don’t know my destination, where to go and did not even know where to stop.

Moreover I spun to my destination but still I’m not in myself. Benevolent give my time to the people I love, working incessantly for the future of those who are precious in my life.

Time specifically so fast, in fact it doesn't stop even you don’t want to step up.

 Time. Which in any moment can alter everything in your life?

For the past year  it's always on my last page in my wish list or things I want to accomplish for the year, I know that every tick of my travel clock… every second ... minute ... day ... week ... month. .. year ... decade... it is in conjunction with the HOUR of my life.

You when will you feel the factual of your life?