Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Domain and iPad Giveaway

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heading out? Staying connected? or leave forever? (a memory)

Having a Life Path Number 7 gives you extraordinary gifts for analysis and deep contemplation.

Although you have friends (and would have many more if you weren't so selective), you would be quite content to wile away weeks at a time in an ivory tower researching some obscure topic that is fifty years ahead of it's time.

Life Path Number 7 is the quicksilver of the numbers. With a combination of deep spiritual awareness and an intellect that is razor-sharp, you are able to make intuitive leaps that baffle your teachers, co-workers, friends and occasionally yourself. No, you won't be able to explain how you came to that conclusion, but everyone who knows you knows that you are right.

Life Path Number 7s often have a carefully constructed wall around them. This does not mean you must take yourself off to a therapist, as it is there for a good reason (you are very quick to spot people who are insincere) but it may be something you should be aware of. Not everyone is good at scaling walls and some may need a gentle invitation into your ivory tower, rather than a series of tests to see if they are worthy of entering your inner circle.

Although you are a refined individual, you are one of the least judgemental: You truly see everyone you meet (at least, everyone you feel is worth getting to know) as a whole and vibrant person, regardless of race, wealth or social status. This is probably due to your spiritual guide (whatever form that takes), who you listen to closely and trust above all else - even above normal social mores and occasional laws!

Life Path Number 7s need to associate with people who understand their need for silence and solitude. You really are a person who needs time alone in that ivory tower to contemplate and recharge. To you, daydreaming is a valuable use of time, when creativity and inspiration are at their peak and you dislike anyone trying to 'snap you out of it.'

This is a worthy goal, but one that can occasionally lead to selfishness. It's fine to take time for yourself (lots of it in fact), as long as you allow for the occasional 'emergency needs' of your children and other loved ones.


my life path...

Möschinö Hardröck 円満 on Friday, February 5, 2010 at 5:53am
Life Path Number 7: The Scientist

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Total Fitness Magazine: Get Active Get Fit Extreme Subic Adventure

After attending one of our events with my facebook family and other bloggers.We had a great dinner at Shakey's, having a family like them was indeed a great achievement for me learning to play the game wisely, earning a winning moment,speak by your own words and live to be one-hundred-years-old is one of the best experiences of me being with them.

our official entry in shakey's

Monster Meal Deal Promo

"Congratulations! You and your barkada has just won P2,000 worth of GC's from Shakey's! It's pizza time, folks!" 




after having a wonderful,relaxing and quality dinner with them, its time to say our goodbyes, some went on their respective dates, and some went shopping.

I was invited by ate Lyn to go with her in Toms World to sing and play.

She knew that im good in catching stuff toys in the crane because i posted some of my winnings on my facebook.



While i was singing my favorite song here comes the undefeated master in facebook contest Resly i didn't notice that he was there until someone told me that he was looking for me, so i decided to give the mic to Jing,(jing has a talent in singing).


.Resly asked me if i can go with them to play DODGEBALL (i really really LOVE Dodgeball)

in Subic, without thinking i said YES, and i also

invited Jing to be with us in the said event since it was 

a ONE-day event as Resly told me. And it was Saturday and we don't have any plan at all. 


That night for some reason i don't know why i can't sleep, i tried to count sheep as other says that it may help but it didn't work for me during that time. (Hush this is secret, em just excited :P ) 4Am i was still awake i played P.S.P. and i also send S.M.S. to my best-friend , time is running... i fell asleep.... then i was awakened by the song of birds and the sunlight.. WTH we're late!!! i hate my self for being late. Sir Bene was calling and texting us "where are you guys?" as well as Resly "guys hurry up..." we didn't know what to do and what to say all i know is that "shame on us!" Taxi wasn't coming jeepney wasn't that good. Then finally we arrived at the venue." we are so sorry Sir Benny" :0 and all of you guys. and thank you for patiently waiting. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

Subic here we come!.

at the isuzu car i met this 3 handsome and well oriented guys namely: Mr. Dante Ward, Mr.Jayson Biadog, Mr. Arvin Ello and two super nice Guys from IZUZU team.

before our long travel to Subic we stop for a moment to have our breakfast at Jolibee, this was the time to finally have some bonding moments with other bloggers, they are all nice and all enthusiast, em still waiting for Resly where is he?.Then he told me that he was going to be picked-up by Sir Bene later after our breakfast.


 This poster was good,

it looks extreme adventure isn't it?

this was so cool, and indeed keeps our mind and soul rocking!

but there's one thing i noticed the date of the event. Its was Nov.20-21,2010... i asked Resly if he knew that it was a 2 day event? as far as i know it was a one-day event. OMG i have this important event on the 21st. Lols. We are on are way and i can't do anything. I just told my self that there's a purpose for this one.





Upon our arrival in  Lighthouse Marina  Resort at Subic Bay i was amazed by the ambiance and the warmed welcome of their staff. 

 i feel the presence of my personality in that hotel, my mind my soul and my heart ,the light house it self brings me back in my past escapades. The bold conception of strategy and the capacity to light someone from far, to guild, and to empowered the ship captain and give them the assurance that they are in the right and safe way ahead (i am marines by profession).


Day 1 begin!!!

assigning of rooms and distribution of keys. I was assigned at room 206 with Resly and Jing, woah. i really love the room...

the magnetic card  key that controls the electricity system of our room
our personal stuff from light house marina
the three explorer

our mini bar(we didn't eat any it may charge us upon checking out)

jing on our bed

trying to look for something.

, from the door, the comfort room, the bed everything... i cant ask for more...

after fixing our own stuff we head back to the briefing area and wait for another instructions. But before our challenge start we had our lunch first.


 after having a great lunch, the briefing start.

 the first activity to do was to have a picture of you with your own group, happily to say em not belong to the black team in which my room mate Resly and Jing belong. :8 i belong to the Gray team, the best team of them all, the team that goes beyond self-imposed boundaries and heading for the illustrious start.

the Get Fit Be Active Challenge was divided into three phases of Life the Mind, Body and Soul. so here we goes the first Challenge is to Mind Challenge:

 we need to look for words 
this will test our minds in looking.  

 after looking for all those words, we need to go in Tree Top Adventure area for our body challenge,



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paalam aming Anghel

Ang buhay ng tao ay hindi nasusukat kung gaano ka katagal nabuhay sa mundong ating ginagalawan kundi kung paano ka namuhay at paano mo isinapuso ang bawat leksyon na natutunan mo at matututunan mo sa mga bagay at taong nasa paligid mo.May mga pagkakataon sa buhay ng isang tao na nangyayari ang mga bagay ng hindi inaasahan: sa bawat pintig ng orasan ito ay panibagong istasyon na naman ang ating buhay na kailangan nating daanan. Mag-kakaiba man ang ating mga anyo,paniniwala,at kaisipan, tayo parin ay iisa, iisa sa paniniwalang ang bawat tao ay may karapatang mabuhay sa mundo. Ngunit paaano kung ang sangol na walang kalaban-laban ay subukin ang katatagan at kunin ni kamatayan? Batang hindi pa lubusang nasisilayan ang pagsikat ng araw? Ang mga ibong lumilipad at malayang nakakapaglaro sa saliw ng mga hangin sa ibabaw ng mga ulap? Ang himig ng hangin na sinasabayan ng pagkanta ng mga lawiswis ng mga punong walang pangamba? Ang lamig sa hating gabi at ang buwan sa gitna ng kalangitan na nagsasabing wag kang matakot ako ang iyong ilaw at gabay sa dilim ng kalangitan? Ang maramdaman ang kasiyahan? Ang masaktan sa mga kadahilanang ang mga bagay na ginawa mo ay para sa taong minahal mo, at ang tanging masasambit mo na lamang ang totoo ang inalay mo.Ngunit paano nga ba? paano natin matatanggap ang pangungulila sa anghel na nagdala sa atin ng ngiti at lambing sa bawat pagkakataon na tayo'y kanyang kapiling?
alam naming masaya ka sa piling ang ating taga paglikha, sana ay patuloy mo kaming gabayan sa lahat ng aming landas, mahal na mahal ka ng iyong kapatid, magulang, mga ninang at NINONG. PAALAM AMING KHIRSTAL..

Monday, November 22, 2010

kutsara oh tinidor

ill fly with you

Another day pass and I’m still here in my bed in front of my computer typing what had happen to me. I really don’t know where I should start. My heart keeps pushing me that I should write this blog again but my mind keeps telling me that I should stop because no one would ever try to read it or no one would share a time with me.

But because my heart is much stronger than my mind I pursue writing and my heart goes this way:

From the start I grew up w/o anything though I know or should I say they know they’re existence, but for me being left alone by everyone is a normal thing. Living my self is not unusual. Sometimes I need a razor for my velvet life to be able for me to survive. To recede in my past life is to recite a rave realm. As I walk into my journey peerless people always outwit me. But it doesn’t mean that em not that strong to just say so, or to give up because, I know that it was just a pattern in the lower part of my mosaic a side that colored me in and push my self steam up. I know my self better than all those dunce people who knows nothing but to be insane. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am the avatar of perfect secrecy. A kiddo whose neurotic behavior resembles that of a yo-yo. My obsessive compulsiveness borders on slight lunacy, which I hate and love at the same time. They say I'm the nicest so I guess I'm nice. I can be your friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can just ditch them and go on with what you do best having a life. What you see is not what you get so come inside and take a look around. Don't think I'm a snob just secluding myself to some people who have a deteriorating brain and the like. But I'm actually friendly.I do crazy stuffs. Friends say I'm funny bit corny. Spoiled. Stubborn! Hardheaded. Headstrong. I love challenges. I stick to my intuitions. I don't let other people control over my decisions. I'm such a sloth. I'm intelligent but very lazy and slow. Cant keep up with this fast-paced world. I symbolize a very happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be. Harsh or cheerful. I remain unaffected. In fact. I spread cheer wherever I go, really. I am good at consoling people in their times of need. I dislike hypocrisy and tend to be away from hypocrites. I'm typical snobbish guy that has his own world. Holds his own principles and follows his own rules which is definitely true because I make my own rules. Others say I'm just a quiet type of buddy.  I copy, I'm a freak, I'm shy, I'm wild, I'm hyper, I'm lazy, I'm a crammer, I work hard, I fight, I love, I sin, I'm weird, I fool, I laugh, I forgive, I'm impatient, I wait, I'm dirty, I'm neat, I'm political,I'm funny, I'm corny, I'm free, I hurry, I rush, I'm aesthetic, I'm experimental, I'm adventurous, I get easily scared, I derive joy, I see everything for free.