Monday, November 22, 2010

ill fly with you

Another day pass and I’m still here in my bed in front of my computer typing what had happen to me. I really don’t know where I should start. My heart keeps pushing me that I should write this blog again but my mind keeps telling me that I should stop because no one would ever try to read it or no one would share a time with me.

But because my heart is much stronger than my mind I pursue writing and my heart goes this way:

From the start I grew up w/o anything though I know or should I say they know they’re existence, but for me being left alone by everyone is a normal thing. Living my self is not unusual. Sometimes I need a razor for my velvet life to be able for me to survive. To recede in my past life is to recite a rave realm. As I walk into my journey peerless people always outwit me. But it doesn’t mean that em not that strong to just say so, or to give up because, I know that it was just a pattern in the lower part of my mosaic a side that colored me in and push my self steam up. I know my self better than all those dunce people who knows nothing but to be insane. 

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