Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter Twenty Two (22)

I don’t know what is this
By: Maricel Castro Tiquia on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 1:20pm

I just want to tell you and to be known to others how happy I am that we are keeping the friendship we started since we are freshmen students of Baliuag University. To you I feel so real, I can say whatever I want too, or in short I can be just myself.
No pretensions and no expectations. Thank you, we are maybe not always together, but keep in mind that you have a friend in me... :)

I love the way we bond together
It is not the money that matters!

a simple spag. says it all
thank you this is the first time you treat!!!
hahahha got a big story to tell about this two H2O.

im still trying to remember why???

                                            with Mr. Eric Capulong
                                                    Married to MRS. Joyce Marcelo-Capulong
                                                     with their super cute and beautiful daughter Audie.

One of the best shot we ever had.
I love that stuff. Isn’t that great to have that in mind? I mean to pop-up away from our heads when we feel bored?

Well anyway Maricel "Tiqs" got it all *in her mind,
She doesn’t need it anyway.                 

while waiting for our BBQ >>>>>>> HUSH
we are on a car wash because TIQ'S car need some shower.
im so proud of you, you finally found time to clean your car, (*she pay for it).

                                                                   <<< are we having fun here? >>>

did i say PEACE or CHEESE?


<<<with our best MAMA Joice and her lovely daughter Audie :p
A mirror shot?/ 

thank you so much LOVELY for 
accommodating us
it was indeed a nice conversation and im looking forward for our next get together.

***oh i almost forgot we did go in Rina Rizzi Mananghaya's place, HI,hello,and bless po in her mom. :)

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